Glenn Sandler on 5 Killer Strategies to Market Your Business to Customers in 2018

Glenn Sandler

Entrepreneurs have to keep on top of what their consumers’ demands. The way people find and interact with your business changes slightly year by year, and staying abreast of the most modern methods will help you get more traffic and convert more customers.

So how do you market yourself to customers in 2018? Of course, digital marketing is more important than ever, especially with all of the new social media networks and apps. Here are some of the most successful marketing strategies your business should use.

  1. Focus on targeted marketing.

When it comes to things like social media and search engine marketing, you should be focusing your efforts on a specific target audience. Doubling down on a niche can help you become the top business for what you’re offering, as opposed to trying to market to everyone and being a weak contender.

For instance, you might be a running equipment store targeted at females. You can create targeted content like “best women’s running shoes” and adapt your marketing strategy to suit them. It also helps to carry out market research into the best ways to appeal to your target audience.

  1. Use social media as often as you can.

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit have billions of users every day, and their numbers continue to grow. You can use all these channels and more if you take the right approach.

There are many strategies for successful social media marketing. Sharing content with targeted hashtags can help you reach the right people. Posting competitions and special offers can introduce many new customers to your business. You could even use apps like SnapChat and Instagram to post fun visual content.

It doesn’t have to be too time-consuming either. You can use scheduling tools such as Hootsuite to post to all of your social channels at once.

  1. Find ways to reach mobile users.

More people than ever are using their smartphones to browse the web and even do their shopping. Adapting your website to suit these users can improve your conversion rate enormously.

You should use mobile-friendly online shopping software. You’re much more likely to make sales if customers can buy from you using their smartphone. You should also ensure your website loads fast and is easy to navigate even on a small screen.

  1. Demonstrate what you can offer.

Talking about how you’re the best business doesn’t impress anybody. You need to come with cold, hard facts if you want new customers to pay for your services.

If you’re a B2B company, case studies are the best way to go. Produce detailed reports of how you helped businesses, complete with statistics and testimonials.

Companies selling products should enable product reviews. If a new user sees a five-star rated shop with a range of positive comments from past customers, they’re much more likely to spend their money.

  1. Impress.

Word of mouth is still just as important as ever. Make sure you satisfy all your customers by offering them the best experience and support possible.

If a customer is happy with the service you give them, they’re much more inclined to tell their friends. You can even spur this on by offering customer rewards for referrals. That can help you gain traction all over social media and reach many new customers. They’ll tell their friends who will say it to their friends and so on. It’s a fantastic strategy to increase your profits.

With the full range of tools available on the internet, it’s easy to market your business in 2018. However, you will need to put the effort in and make sure you’re using the right strategies. Make sure you focus on social media, mobile marketing, and never forget that the customers come first.

About: Mr. Glenn Sandler is an entrepreneur in the financial space, operating as the founder and CPA of GI Tax. Glenn Sandler specializes in Forensic Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis, Business Consulting, Income Tax planning and Income Tax Preparation. Based in Florida, Glenn Sandler strives to understand his client’s financial situations so he can help clients reduce their tax liability. 








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